Our trainings solutions

Our training expertise is divided into 3 levels in order to meet the requirements and needs of each individual:

N1 - For people who are new to the subject or who wish to consolidate their theoretical knowledge,

N2 - An opportunity to deepen knowledge and first experiences,

N3 - Intended for a well-informed public with experience of the subject to detail the particular and precise cases specific to the expertise.

Next courses and registrations

For further information or registration, please contact us using the form below.

In order to guarantee the best conditions for learning and sharing, our courses are accessible to people with reduced mobility or physical disabilities, our training materials are adapted and we limit our sessions to a maximum of 10 trainees.

For any other situation, please contact us prior to any contractualisation in order to define the appropriate reception arrangements.  

The deadline for access to our training courses is 1 month after receipt of orders. This period may be subject to optimisation on a case-by-case basis.