Our training solutions

In order to guarantee the best conditions for learning and sharing, our courses are accessible to people with reduced mobility or physical disabilities, Our training materials are adapted and we limit our sessions to a maximum of 10 trainees.

For any other situation, please contact us prior to any contractualisation in order to define the appropriate reception arrangements.  

The deadline for access to our training courses is 1 month after receipt of orders. This period may be subject to optimisation on a case-by-case basis. 

Our customised courses

In addition to our catalogue, we offer to customise your training courses by adapting their content to your needs.

You can mix and match some of our 'catalogue' courses, add or remove some of the elements below to create a course that meets your expectations and those of your clients.

As an example, you will find below some topics that can be the subject of personalised training:  

  • Formations transverses : 
  • l'Analyse Approfondie d'Evènement AAE (nouvelle méthode), 
  • la gestion de crise et le Plan d'Urgence Interne PUI, 
  • formation étude et résolution de problèmes, 
  • les transports nucléaires (en et hors classe 7), 
  • le séisme-événement, 
  • l'échelle INES. 

  • Formations sur des champs réglementaires : 
  • l'audit et la norme ISO9001, 
  • l'arrêté CPP CSP, 
  • la réglementation ATEX et sa mise en oeuvre, 
  • formation environnement et l'ISO 14001.  
  • Formations techniques :
  • explosions physique et chimique
  • les Arrêts de Tranches AT,
  • le traitement des effluents gazeux, liquides et solides,
  • le cycle du combustible, 
  • le capteur de niveau primaire à ultra-son,
  • la chimie en centrale nucléaire,
  • le circuit secondaire, le poste d'eau,
  • les Condamnations Administratives CA,
  • le processus de consignation,
  • les pompes primaires GMPP, 
  • les Générateurs de Vapeur GV,
  • le Xénon en centrale nucléaire,
  • les systèmes :
  • KRT et les chaines de mesure en exploitation et de radioprotection. 

Visit to the EdF Tricastin Nuclear Power Plant

In partnership with the éDF teams of the CNPE TRI we offer you

. from your office in Marseille or Aix-en-Provence,
. round trip for the day, lunch on site,
. Visit of the turbine hall and the Fuel building ( in controlled area) 
. intervention of an éDF operator. 

Your access, meals and transport are included, so you don't have to worry about anything!

These visits are organised in groups of 8 to 15 people. Each group is accompanied by a DT320 trainer.

Are you interested? Contact us for a personalised quote: contact@dt320.fr