Our support / expertise at your service

Are you a design office - engineering company?

Verification support :

  • Review of documents for éDF (DIPDE or DT for example), Orano (ex-Areva) or CEA from an overall technical perspective but also for external diffusion. (ASN). 

Expertise :

  • exploitation, sûreté, RGE and their main chapters : III les STE, VI la CIA and l'APE, IX les EP, démantèlement and more generally on all the fields covered by the training courses offered.

Business development

  • costing support,
  • support for referencing with the main principals. 

Are you a manufacturer?

Develop your business :

  • analysis of needs, markets and opportunities, 
  • typologies of actors in your sector of activity.

Support à la qualification : 

  • éDF UTO
  • material: earthquake, irradiation, ageing. 

Appui qualité nucléaire : 

  • identification of the regulations associated with your sector of activity, 
  • conducting internal audits
  • deployment of your Quality Management System (SMQ/SMI) and documentation requirements,
  • identification of AIP / EIP
Sample of our main interventions
Sample of our main interventions